Life is not only research or teaching. Let me show you a couple of things which could be of interest.


I have analysed the books I have read in my whole life. This is the result. Click here


I have asked a number of students of Film Studies to compile the list of 30 movies to watch chronologically to understand (i) the history of cinema and (ii) its main improvements (e.g. photography, screenplay, acting…). At the same time the list should be mainstream & light enough to have a chat over it during a dinner, not a panel discussion at a conference. Click –> here

If you are instead interested only in very recent movies, documentaries, TV series, podcasts, newsletters, here you are with a bunch of suggestions.


I have written a number of not very serious personal travel guides in some of the cities where I have lived and worked. If you like exploring a place through its art, culture, food and night-outs, this is what you want to read. These are super sketchy as they were just prepared for friends/family who came for a visit for a couple of days (2/3 days) – so that’s the benchmark, but still…

Bogota in 3 days (EN)

Brighton in 3 days (EN)

Colombia in 10 days (EN)

Genova in 3 days (EN); both summer and winter edition

London in 3 days (IT and EN)

Napoli in 3 days (IT and EN)

Paris by arrondissement (EN)

The Pursuit of Knowledge

Ain’t Yuval Noha Harari, but in a much smaller far less significant effort for humanity, I am reviewing century-by-century the history of our species, its art, its philosophy and its literature. Yeah, you read it right. For now, it is just an agglomerate of sketches and bullet points, to become by January 2023 something more concrete, not sure what yet. Here (IT) 

The Power of a Good Story

“Don’t tell me words don’t matter” Obama once said. We now know that is the case. A list of mind-blowing stories I have read in the past few years. Here (IT and EN)

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