Job Market Paper

  • The social consequences of organized crime groups (in progress)

Working papers

  •  Improving Parenting Practices for Early Child Development: Experimental Evidence from Rwanda

           (Revise & Resubmit at Journal of the European Economic Association)

           with P. Justino, M. Leone, M. Abimpaye, C. Dusabe, D. Uwahamoro and R. Germond 
  •  Improving Food Security through Remittances in Rural Zimbabwe

           (under review)

           with F. Jena and J. Litchfield
  • Nudging Parental Investment in Early Childhood? Experimental Evidence from Rwanda
          (in progress)
         with P. Justino, M. Leone, M. Abimpaye, S. Malik , D. Uwahamoro and R. Germond
  • Does trust mediate the effect of perceived inequality on governance? The case of Colombia
          (in progress)
         with L. Fergusson, A.M. Ibanez, P. Justino, J.C. Munoz
  • The effect of the Gaza Blockade on the Palestinian political attitudes
         (in progress)
         with S. Miaari and M. Cali
  • Life with Corona
         (in progress
         with ISDC , IGZ , UNU-WIDER and IDS  
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