Job Market Paper

The social consequences of organized crime groups (in progress)

Working papers

Improving Parenting Practices for Early Child Development: Experimental Evidence from Rwanda (Revise & Resubmit at JEEA)
P. Justino, M. Leone, M. Abimpaye, C. Dusabe, D. Uwahamoro and R. Germond 
Improving Food Security through Remittances in Rural Zimbabwe (under review)
F. Jena and J. Litchfield
Nudging Parental Investment in Early Childhood? Experimental Evidence from Rwanda (in progress)
P. Justino, M. Leone, M. Abimpaye, S. Malik , D. Uwahamoro and R. Germond
Does trust mediate the effect of perceived inequality on governance? The case of Colombia (in progress)
L. Fergusson, A.M. Ibanez, P. Justino, J.C. Munoz
The effect of the Gaza Blockade on the Palestinian political attitudes (in progress)
S. Miaari and M. Cali
Life with Corona (in progress) with ISDC , IGZ , UNU-WIDER and IDS  
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