I am an Associate Fellow of the U.K. Higher Education Academy (AFHEA) since August 2020.

Folder with examples of teaching slides and seminar notes here

Institute of Development Studies (UK)

Globalization, Business and Development (2020/21) – MA students

Teaching assistant – Topics: academic writing, argumentation, presentation and literature review

Research methods week (2020) – PhD students

Lecturer – Topics: 2 lectures on quantitative methods and surveys

University of Sussex (UK)

Understanding global markets (January 2018) – 2nd year BSc Economic students.

Examiner: marking exams of B.Sc. students

Applied Economic Topics: Brexit (2017/2018) – 2nd year BSc Economic students.

Tutor – Topics: historical drivers and future consequences of Brexit

Development Economics Advanced: (2016/2017) – Resit MSc Development Economics students; Pro bono tutoring

Tutor – Topics: historical roots of development

University of Pavia (Italy)

Corporate Strategy (2015/2016) – 1st year BSc Economics and Management students.

Tutor – Topics: business strategy, analysis of stakeholder, porter model and SWOT Analysis.

Causal relationship: A Prezi presentation (in progress) – Teaching material

I have summarized the baby Wooldridge plus the econometrics I have used in my research so far in an easy to digest (Prezi) format. Every time I learn something more, I add it here, for storage. Maybe it could be of use for someone teaching econometrics. In case, feel free to use it: Prezi presentation

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